Signing Agreement between King Saud University and IU in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


David Zaret
Vice President for International Affairs
Professor of Sociology and History
Bryan Hall 104, Bloomington, IN


At the April 2013 International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education, in Riyadh. Ceremonial signing, of an agreement of cooperation between Indiana University and King Saud University. President Badran Al-Omar, is signing on behalf of King Saud University, one of the country's leading universities. Areas of cooperation include the health professions and programs related to Arabic language and linguistics. New agreements will be signed when President McRobbie leads an IU delegation to Riyadh in October 2014.

Nearly 600 students from Saudi Arabia are enrolled at Indiana University. The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures is one of the oldest in the nation. Currently, about 200 students take courses in courses in Arabic at all levels up to four years. Saudi graduates of Indiana University not only include faculty at King Saud but also important government officials, including the current Minister of the Hajj, Bandar Al Hajjar.



David Zaret signing agreement in Riyadh
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