Student Locker in University Laboratory destroyed in the Liberian Civil Wars


David Zaret
Vice President for International Affairs
Professor of Sociology and History
Bryan Hall 104, Bloomington, IN


Ties between IU and the West African nation of Liberia extend back over more than 50 years. Recently,IU has been the lead institution that is helping the University of Liberia regain its capacity to train health care professionals, in a project funded by USAID, which is a U.S. Department of State program.

The capacity to train health professional, along with much else at the University of Liberia, was destroyed in the ruinous civil wars that ended about a decade ago, after approximately 10% of the population perished. As someone who admires scientists and their science, I was haunted by ruined spaces inside the University's laboratory facilities.

For more on Indiana University's long history of involvement with Liberia and scenes from the aftermath of its civil wars, see Indiana University and the University of Liberia.


Zaret at the University of Liberia
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