Anti-Government Protest in


David Zaret
Vice President for International Affairs
Professor of Sociology and History
Bryan Hall 104, Bloomington, IN


Anti-government protests erupted in Istanbul in late May 2013. The proximate cause was opposition to plans to redevelop Gezi Park, which is adjacent to Taksim Square. From this quickly emerged a diverse coalition in opposition to the policies and rhetoric of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Returning from a trip to Macedonia (see Macedonia) I was in Istanbul in early June and recorded this and other scenes of protest. For these, and for more tranquil scenes in Istanbul, see Istanbul: Tranquil and Turbulent.

This June 8 demonstration by young women is on the Istiklal Caddesi, near the Galatasaray High School, founded in 1481. The Istiklal is a major pedestrian zone that leads to Taksim square and has been a principal locus of recurring protests."Kampüs Cadilari" on the posters refers to the campus witches, shown with their brooms sweeping away the Prime Minister. The political aesthetics of this protest could be found on any U.S. campus.


David Zaret with Kenyan Head of Household
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