Near Eldoret, Kenya


David Zaret
Vice President for International Affairs
Professor of Sociology and History
Bryan Hall 104, Bloomington, IN


At a rural village in the Western region of Kenya, near Eldoret. The occasion was a visit, led by an outreach clinician who administered a battery of diagnostic tests to the head of the household who you see in this picture.

There is no electricity in this or other nearby villages. The clinical officer (who has about 2-3 years of training) is assisted by a high-tech open-source medical records system, develped in collaboration with Kenyan personnel by IU's Regenstrief Institute, a leading center for bio-medical informatics. Via a cellphone the clinical officer transmits patient data to the system and receives clinical guidance from the system.

The householder may have been pleased by a visit with a few Americans but was probably more delighted by the good results of tests administered by the clinician. She holds gourds with charred interiors, in which a traditional drink, fermented milk, is prepared. Behind me is Ryan Piurek, who directs news and media at IU-Bloomington.

This clincial outreach is part of a quarter-century partnershp between IU's School of Medicine and Moi University Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret. For more on this activity, visit Kenya.


David Zaret with Kenyan Head of Household
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